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OUAGA FILM LAB 2018 – Notification of the selection

Date of realization
Ouaga Producers Lab : September, 20th to 29 th 2018
Ouaga Film Lab : September, 24th to 29 th 2018

The 90 applications, from all West African countries sent following the OUAGA FILM LAB # 3 call for proposals – launched in March 2018, testify of the regional creators’ vivacity and the importance of the Ouaga Film Lab development and co-production laboratory in supporting young authors and their producers.

The OUAGA FILM LAB selection committee is pleased to announce that the following projects have been selected:

Alhassane, The Master of Kharmou, feature project by Idi NOUHOU (Niger), produced by Maman Siradji BAKABE – “B @ K TECHNO” (Niger)

Amilcar Cabral, documentary project by Rui Manuel DA COSTA (Guinea-Bissau), produced by Carlos VAZ – “Telecine Bissau” (Guinea-Bissau)

Klema, documentary project by Aboubacar GAKOU (Mali), produced by Bassy KONATE – “Les Films Du 7” (Mali)

The sheep of Sada, feature project by Papa Bouname LOPY (Senegal), produced by Khadey ZIDNA – “Lydel Com Group” (Senegal)

Free to leave, free to stay, documentary project by Amina WEIRA (Niger), produced by Carine Stella NZANG ASSOUMOU – “Merveilles Production” (Benin)

Mami Wata, feature project by C.J. “Fiery” OBASI (Nigeria), produced by Oge OBASI – “Fiery Film Company” (Nigeria)

Moulaye, feature project by Alassane SY (Senegal), produced by Baila SY – “Proxycom” (Senegal)

Genetically Modified Religion, documentary project by Simplice GANOU (Burkina Faso), produced by Rasmata KABORÉ – “Tilé Fari Docs” (Burkina Faso)

The rise and fall of Jammeh, documentary project by Mohamed Lamin TOURAY (Gambia), produced by Bubacarr JALLOW – “Flame production” (Gambia)

Wakat, feature project by Jean-Baptiste OUEDRAOGO (Burkina Faso), produced by Pierre Claver ZONGO – “Yira Entertainment” (Burkina Faso)

The main aim of the OUAGA FILM LAB development and co-production residency is to strengthen the competitiveness of West African directors and producers within major international labs, as well as to facilitate their access to local funds, international co-productions and a close collaboration with experienced mentors from around the continent.

In parallel with the 3rd edition of OUAGA FILM LAB, will be held the 2nd edition of OUAGA PRODUCERS LAB, from September 20th to 29th 2018.

The producers of the five following projects will be invited to participate to this training:

Esther TRAORÉ (Athena Films), producer of Prejudice, by Kady TRAORÉ (Burkina Faso)
Kotchikpa R. AGBEDE (Strictness), producer of Angel and Demon, by Yamowan Yves SOSSA (Benin)
Ousmane SAMASSEKOU (DS Production), producer of Tônsô, by Mamadou CISSE (Mali)
Tangui Jaloud ZAINOU (Artisan Prod), Producer In the Name of Memory, by Linda Leila (Niger)
Wilfried PARÉ (ABCA), producer of Etincelles, by Ouassila KHAROUNE (Burkina Faso)

The OUAGA FILM LAB#3 will be organized in close collaboration with the EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), the French Institute (IF Paris, IF Burkina Faso, La Fabrique des Cinémas du monde, La Cinémathèque Afrique), the Imagine Institute of Ouagadougou, the International Festival of Documentary film of Agadir in Morocco (FIDADOC), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany), Sud Ecriture (Tunisia), the International Francophone Film Festival of Namur (Belgium), the Groupe Ouest (France), the Book, Cinema and Audiovisual Agency from – ALCA (France), le Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée CNC (France), the CNCI (Tunisia), the Torino Film Lab (Italy), the Carthage Film Festival – JCC (Tunisia), the Centre for cinematographic writing – CECI from the Moulin d’Andé (France) and the Fund for the Young Francophone Creation (Burkina Faso).

The OUAGA FILM LAB is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Burkina Faso, the Swiss Cooperation Office in Burkina Faso, le Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée CNC (France), the International Organization for Francophony (OIF), Canal Plus Africa, the Luxemburg Cooperation Office in Burkina Faso, the Film Fund Luxemburg, SODEC (Quebec), TV5 Monde, the Canadian Embassy in Burkina Faso, and the Goethe Institute of Ouagadougou.