Papa Bouname LOPY (Réalisateur / Director)
Khadey ZIDNA (Producteur / Producer)

Sada’s Sheep (Senegal)

Feature project by Papa Bouname LOPY (Senegal), produced by Khadey ZIDNA – “Lydel Com Group” (Senegal)


Sada is a 10 years old boy who lives with his father Babou and his mother Coumba. The family raises a sheep in the house. A very strong affection relationship is then established between the kid and the animal. Babou, whose financial means are very limited, must sacrifice the sheep for Tabaski (Eid El Kabir), and that makes his son very unhappy. Sada thus decides to escape with the sheep. His father is both very anxious and angry at him. After a day of searching, Babou finds Sada and on his way home, he beats him with a stick. Coumba then has to try to bring back peace between her husband and son.


Production note

In Senegal, raising animals at home has become so common that they are considered full members of the family. This phenomenon creates, at the time of sacrifice, frustrations because of the bonds of proximity and familiarity that have been developed. This situation affects children as well as young adults, such as the director Pape Bouname Lopy who, to express his feelings towards domestic animals, tells Sada’s story.