Aboubacar GAKOU (Réalisateur / Director)
Bassy KONATE (Producteur / Producer)

Klema (Mali)

Documentary project by Aboubacar GAKOU (Mali), produced by Bassy KONATE – “Les Films Du 7” (Mali)


Modibo and I, Boubacar Gakou, are rice cultivators in the area of the Office du Niger in Mali. We are obliged to constantly watch over our fields because the Peul cattle breeders are trying at all costs to graze their animals on our plots and this is a source of conflict between our two communities. Through this film, I will offer to the stakeholders to define a date of release of the lands by the cultivators and a date of departure of the stockbreeder and their animals of the area. The discussion is likely to be intense because no one agrees on the deadlines. Modibo and I are looking forward to the implementation of this agreement but we remain concerned about the respect of its application over time.


Production note

I met Boubacar Gakou 7 years ago, when he had just finished his first documentary Terre Verte. When he talked to me about his new project, I was immediately touched by the human dimension of his quest: to find a solution to settle a conflict between Peulhs cattle breeders and Bambara cultivators, two communities that have been coexisting for more than 80 years. He wants to understand the situation, but also try to make it evolve by confronting the characters to another reality than theirs. This film is also a vector of raising awareness and pushes to introspection, showing that hope is possible. I sincerely hope that this film can help these communities, Mali and even Africa to move towards a world of peace.