Moussa Sène Basa

Moussa SÈNE Absa was born in 1958 in Senegal. A multi-faceted artist, painter, writer, musician, actor, theater director, Moussa Sène Absa began his career in cinema by writing the screenplay for THE CHILDREN OF GOD, then the short film LE PRIX DU MENSONGE, that won a prize in Carthage in 1988.
In 1991, he made a feature film in 16mm KEN BUGUL and several short films, including JAARAAMA. The following year, he directed the feature film ÇA TWISTE À POPONGUINE, that won several international awards.

In 1994, he signed a short film YALLA YAANA and, in 1996, TABLEAU FERRAILLE, a feature film in 35mm that won several awards, including the best picture (due to Bertrand Chatry) at FESPACO 1997. For the Productions de La Lanterne, he directed the documentaries Jëf-Jël (1998) and Blues for a diva (1999).
In 2002, he directed MADAME BROUETTE, who brought the Silver Bear to the Berlinale and, in parallel, produced a daily comedy series for Senegalese television, Goorgorlu, which won unsurpassed success among television viewers.

His two last features, TERANGA BLUES was presented in competition of FESPACO in 2007, and YOOLE in 2013.