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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Black Volta

Documentary | Burkina Faso


Madi, a father and head of family, is a fisherman and farmer. He lives in Siby, a village along the Mouhoun River. Like all the other fishermen, he is worried about the increasingly dangerous activities of the gold miners, who use all kinds of chemicals to extract the precious metal, the gold.  My uncle Madi is fed up with seeing this part of the Mouhoun River, formerly known as the Black Volta, unhealthy, affecting the quality of fishing and other agricultural and livestock activities. Madi and the other fishermen are powerless in the face of clandestine gold panning, which has taken up residence in this land where terrorism is advancing apace. The story of Madi and his village depends on the rehabilitation of this part of the Black Volta.

Production Note

Floriane Zoundi is a cinematographer, scriptwriter, and director from Burkina Faso. We’ve known each other for years, and we’ve been on several trips and writing residencies together, including one organised by UNESCO and the NARA-Japan International Film Festival. His ‘Black Volta’ project, which deals with life on the banks of the Mouhoun river, interests me because the theme of the film is international. The issue of water pollution, this natural treasure, necessary for life and for the survival of humanity. This film is a universal reflection on the protection of the environment, the cosmos, and the vital universe. So, I’m delighted to be supporting this project.

Black Volta OFL 2023

Floriane Zoundi
Burkina Faso / Burkina Faso

Black volta OFL 2023

Delphine Yerbanga
Burkina Faso / Burkina Faso