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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Ndari, a jinn prince in love with Nogaay, treacherously tries to marry her. Inhabiting the body of Nogaay, Ndari reveals donkey’s feet. The sages decide to sacrifice Nogaay to invoke abundance in the village. Left behind in the forest, Ndari initiates a walk in Mbelaan. Surprised by the royal guard, Ndari finds the opportunity to crystallize his father, King Managóor and declares Nogaay, the queen of Mbelaan. But Nogaay does not accept. Ndari becomes dreadful. He takes Yaal, Faatu’s grandson and Nogaay’s friend, hostage. Alerted by cries for help, Nogaay finds Yaal perched on the branches of the giant baobab above the flames. Ndari makes Nogaay see the soul of his parents Yaa Astu and Famara. He promises to breathe life back into them and free Yaal if she accepts the queen’s throne. Nogaay agrees to sell his divinity to resolve his dilemma.

Production note

Ousmane Majha Sarr has been involved in Senegalese cinema as a trainee, technician, and trainer at AZAL COMMUNICATION’s Ciné-UCAD/ Ciné-Banlieue. As a screenwriter, director, and trainer, these assets reinforce my decision to support his project entitled “Mbelaan”. The film tells the story of Nogaay, a fatherless girl who lives with her mother Yaa Astu until she becomes a beautiful woman in Njulux, an imaginary village of traditionalists. Since childhood, Ndari, her protective jinné, has never hidden his love for her. With her unusual behaviour, Nogaay ends up being rejected by her community, who think she is possessed. The story has great potential as a film and calls for collaboration with other producers. We are counting on our internal resources and the support of Fopica/Senegal. We are submitting this project to OuagaLab to benefit from the expertise of the mentors and hope to have opportunities for financial support.

Ousmane Majha SARR

Mbelaan OFL 2023

Cheikh Ahmadou DIOP