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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Nadine et Nadia, nous voulons aussi gouverner

Documentary | Benin


Nadine and Nadia OKOUMASSOUN, the 27-year-old twins and political activists, are very close but don’t share the same political opinion. Since May 2021, Nadine, owner of the Facebook page “Le peuple d’abord”, has been languishing in prison for her impetuous criticism of President Patrice TALON, whom Nadia, owner of the Facebook page “Le Bénin appartient à ceux qui l’aiment”, worships and adores, during the April 2021 presidential campaign.

Torn between fraternal love and political conviction, Nadia fights to get her sister out of this hell.

Production note

It’s an honor and a real pleasure for Evelyne and me to be part of the 2023 selection of the prestigious Ouaga Film lab. It’s an exceptional opportunity for us to work on our film project “Nadine and Nadia, we also want to govern” and at the same time benefit from the advice and expertise of third parties. Ouagadougou became a pivotal city in the process of developing this film project, as we made a formal commitment to the city.

The film’s twin themes are always fascinating, regardless of culture or religion; they arouse questions, curiosity, and passion. These elements are the strength and power of this project, haloed by the various ramifications linked to the political current events common to sub-Saharan African countries. Participation in Ouaga Film Lab, the first professional event in which the “”Nadine and Nadia, we also want to govern”” project is taking part, will enrich its current writing, artistic and filmic form.

These are our wishes for this writing residency.

Nadine et Nadia, nous voulons aussi gouverner 2023

Evelyne AGLI

Ludovic AGBADJA OFL 2023