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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Feature | Burkina Faso


Sima destiny: her marriage, her life as a wife, as a mother, her tragedies. Raised in the small village of Nouna, she married Saye Zerbo, a young officer who became the president of Burkina Faso. She spent most of her life in the military barracks where she raised her 6 children. Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of a step wife, the loss of a son but also the coup d’état of her husband. Discreet, we remember her tenderness, but above all, her silence despite her tumultuous life. This is the portrait of an African woman in whom many women will recognize themselves.

Production note

Inspired by true events, this is the story of director Azaria’s family.

Sima” tells the captivating story of an iconic woman, both a devoted mother and a strong wife. She carried the burden of her family through the darkest of times.

We were moved by the filmmaker’s approach to discovering her own past, her quest to answer many questions about her family and to retrace her grandmother’s journey. Taking part in the eighth edition of the Lab is of particular importance to us at a time when we are in the midst of writing.

We believe in the unique value brought by each mentor present. At the end of the Lab, our aim is to have a solid development file and clearer ideas for our project.

Azaria YONLI
Burkina Faso


Laurent Bitty
Ivory Coast