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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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The film “Tixerain” immerses us in the story of a Kabyle village located in the heart of Algiers. While the film explores the contradictions between tradition and modernity, identity, and citizenship, it also highlights the absence of women in the public space. The women of the village are often stealthy, appearing behind windows, closing doors, and staying in the background during assemblies.

Nevertheless, the women of Tixerain are guardians of culture and traditions. Fouzi, Laarbi, and Wahab, all native to the village, share the same desire to build together. Fouzi has been working for years to improve the village while preserving its Kabyle identity. The film’s protagonists, all committed to preserving the village’s cultural identity, seek to bring greater visibility to the history and origins of this mythical and mystical village. However, we also seek to hear the voices of the women and their concerns within this community. In summary, “Tixerain” is a documentary that explores the contradictions of modernity in a traditional village while shedding light on the injustice of women’s absence in the public space. The film takes us on a journey through narrow streets and ancient houses filled with mystery.

Producer note

We’re excited and reassured to present our new project, a feature-length documentary “Taddart”, which is currently in the development phase. Nouvelle Vague Algérienne is preparing to bring this project to life, believing in the vision and values that this documentary project represents and

defends, and drawing on the experience of the director, Mm Rima Kerkebane, whom we recently produced with a documentary entitled “El Baraka”, which is currently in post-production. After this adventure with the director and following her way of thinking and doing things, we decided to produce her next project. Our aim is to seek out and find foreign co-productions to leverage the resources, position and perspective of our collaborators, and co-production will also help us

distribute this project around the world.

Taddart OFL 2023 - new

Rima Kerkebane

Taddart OFL 2023

Aissa Djouamaa