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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Children Nightcare


In the courtyard of Mrs. Coda, around 8 pm, Odile and Farida come in, holding hands of their children. They are prostitutes who entrust their kids to this old lady before going to the “Black”, a festive street that never sleeps. Odile, Farida and some of their comrades navigate from bar to bar, from man to man. In the early morning, when the “Black” starts to empty, Odile and Farida pick up their children. Once at home, tired, they rest. When they wake up, they take us in the intimacy of their life as mothers, between domestic activities, caring for children and coquetry. As a routine, at night, the “Black” recalls its faithful while Odile drops her child in the night-care.

Selection at the Berlinale 2021 (Forum section), Visions du Réel (Switzerland), Etats généraux du film documentaire de Lussas (France)


Children Nightcare

Documentary by Moumouni Sanou, produced by Berni Goldblat (Les Films du Djabadjah, Burkina Faso), VraiVrai Films (France), Blinker Filmproduktion (Germany)