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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Life after Diamonds


In 1947,the rich subsoil of this part of the Ivory Coast generated the town of Tortya. Twenty-seven years later, the SAREMCI mining company closes. Then begins the adventure of the artisanal exploitation of the old diamond mines. Although it has provided the world with millions of carats of diamonds, Tortya remains an austere town with a poor population. From the first populations settled with the opening of the diamond mines to the present day, the town of Tortya retains the same appearance as if time had stood still. But in the end, the exploitation of the precious stone has degraded the rich ecosystem in which Tortya and its lands were bathed. Having left at the age of 7, Foloki, aged 40 years, returns to her roots. Through three generations of age, she shares her beautiful memories contrasted with the current reality, the ambitions of Tortya and its population.

Life after Diamonds

Documentary | Ivory Coast