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Shadow Runner

Documentary | Kenya


Emmanuel Kiplagat’s life revolves around athletics. Born in Kabarnet, Baringo in Rift Valley Kenya, he grew up inspired by his father who was an athlete and in an area full of legendary Marathon runners such as the great Paul Tergat.

Shadow Runner is an intimate and revealing character driven documentary about his sacrifices, dreams and ambitions. Despite his love of country and athletics, he faces a life changing decision, he has been offered a chance to go to Japan and earn a living or remain in Kenya and hope it works out through athletics after the trials.

Shadow Runner weaves together the story of Kiplagat’s incredible drive to represent Kenya in the Olympics. We see him on a journey to fulfill his purpose of running for Self, Country, his Coach (Barnaba), and Family.

Producer’s note

“Najivunia kuwa Mkenya” translates to “I am proud to be Kenyan” is a statement I adorn every time Kenya shines in the local and International circuits when our sportsmen and women represent our country. It is a moment of pride, unity and belonging. But what do I actually know about most of our athletes besides a name and their accomplishments? Nothing. Seeing athletes on the track reminds me of a Secondary school event that I took part in and my oh my did I underestimate the length of a 400m race. Let’s just say Glucose was my friend that day. “Shadow Runner” is a film about what makes you, you. A film that explores identity and our passions in life. We all go through moments in our lives where we question our identity, try to define it and when we come to the actualization of who we are, we marvel in the greatness of our abilities. This is what “Shadow Runner” represents to me.

Shadow Runner

Karanja Ng’endo

Shadow Runner

Joan Njeri