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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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May 16, 1997, the AFDL rebellion is at the feet of Kinshasa. Negotiations between Mobutu and the rebel leader Kabila under the mediation of Nelson Mandela fail. The Zairian army is no longer able to secure Marshal Mobutu, many high-ranking officers have been returned. Within the army, discontent is spreading. The Chief of Staff and Minister of Defense is shot dead by one of his bodyguards. In this decay, where no one knows who with whom is, a close security officer receives the delicate mission of sheltering Marshal Mobutu and his family.

Production note

I am happy to present to you the Walinzi film project of my brother and friend Twana Sheriya, which is a fiction inspired by the events of the end of the 32-year reign of Marshal Mobutu in Zaire (current DR Congo).

If the film tells the agony of a dictatorial regime in the face of the hurricane of history, the point of view chosen is that of one of his bodyguards who saved his life and remained faithful to him until at the end when he was dropped by everyone. What makes this film, a story of courage, loyalty, love and forgiveness. It is also a film on the beginning of a macabre strategy of predation of the wealth of the DR Congo having resulted in more than millions of deaths and displacements for more than two decades.

We are looking for co-producers, distributors, broadcasters, international sellers, rewriting support, and funding.

Walinzi OFL 2023

Sheriya Twana
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Walinzi OFL 2023

Emmanuel Lupia
Democratic Republic of the Congo