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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Congo Boy


Bangui, Central African Republic. Albert is 16 years old and has just discovered the world of music. He is fascinated by this world and dreams of making a life for himself in it, despite the admonitions of his parents who absolutely want him to study hard. With his musician friends, Rafiki lives in a carefree youth. Yet Rafiki is not a Central African like the others. He is a refugee. His parents fled the Congo when he was very young. And their status in Bangui remains very precarious. When his father started to apply for Central African nationality, things went wrong and both parents were sent to prison. At 16, Rafiki finds himself without any support. He has to take care of his four younger children and find the money to get his parents released. Against all odds, music will help him.

Congo Boy

Fiction | Democratic Republic of Congo