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18.09 - 23.09 2023

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Le grand transporteur


Dakar, a large megalopolis facing the ocean, is today one of the most important hubs for cocaine trafficking. Abass Diao, 19 years old, presents himself as an orphin native of Fouta who has just arrived in Dakar. He has a gift, he inherited from his father the mystical power of water. He uses his swimming skills to serve a drug gangster, Ali Kande, better known as the “Grand Transporteur de Dakar”, who is some kind of Senegalese Don Corleone.

But Ali is getting older, his business is threatened, and his children are not ready to succeed him. With his talent and strength of character, Abass gains the confidence of the godfather who sees him as a potential successor. As Abass becomes unavoidable, the enemies of the present and ghosts of the past make life impossible for him.


Le grand transporteur

Series | Ivory Coast