Idi NOUHOU (Réalisateur / Director)
Maman Siradji BAKABE (Producteur / Producer)

Alhassane, The Master of Kharmou (Niger)

Feature project by Idi NOUHOU (Niger), produced by Maman Siradji BAKABE – “B@K TECHNO” (Niger)


In the village of Boulkam, between Alhassane and Kharmou – his mythical camel, his animal-friend, it’s a great story of affection, love-passion, as there is little in our world. At each reunion, when Kharmou returns from the pasture where he grazes in complete freedom for months, it’s a celebration for both of them. That night, they sleep leaning against each other. But one day, Boko Haram’s fundamentalists attack Kharmou and prepare to blow out the children of the community who have become human bombs – including Abdou, Alhassane’s only son.


Production note

This project denounces the misguided organization of our two-tier society, in which few people are getting dazzlingly richer while the vast majority is immensely poor. This project evokes the wiles of the crooked storeowners, the tearing of our communities where some become accomplices of the assassination of the others; and where tricks and morals depravity have become common – creating a deadly cocktail where suicide bombers melt into the crowd without being denounced. This film also talks about love between girls and boys, and between an animal and its owner. This love is admirable of fidelity, complicity and loyalty, and we will understand that human beings have many things to learn from animals.