Rui Manuel DA COSTA (Réalisateur / Director)
Carlos VAZ (Producteur / Producer)

Amilcar Cabral (Guinea-Bissau)

Documentary project by Rui Manuel DA COSTA (Guinea-Bissau), produced by Carlos VAZ – “Telecine Bissau” (Guinea-Bissau)


Amicar Cabral’s intellectual capacities were outstanding. Despite the war and many social problems, he was also interested in cultural issues. His values and ability to translate them into action; as well as his charisma and talent to bring people together to fight for common goals are nowadays still sources of inspiration. This ethical legacy must not be forgotten. This documentary project thus claims to be a powerful instrument for preserving this memory and reflecting on the history of Guinea-Bissau.


Production note

This project is a cinematic response of the director, Rui Manuel da Costa, on the life and work of Amílcar Cabral – whose lessons are nowadays still relevant. We believe that they can positively contribute to raise consciences, especially those of young African students, for a more fair and developed society. Amílcar was an emblematic and immortal leader, father of two nations, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. This film proposes to draw his portrait through meetings with veterans, leaders of the PAIGC, and travelling across the cities where he lived, because his legacy is part of the world’s heritage mosaic.