Charles Tesson

Charles Tesson is the Artistic Director of Critic’s Week at Cannes Film Festival since 2012. He is the President of Cinémas du Monde (CNC-Institut français) since 2016. He has been film critic in Cahiers du cinéma (1979-2013), and former editor of this magazine (1998-2003). He is also professor in cinema, history and esthetics, at la Sorbonne nouvelle (University of Paris III). He wrote several books and essays on cinema, as Satyajit Ray (1992), Luis Bunuel (1995), El from Luis Bunuel (1996), Photogénie de la Série B (1997), Théâtre et cinéma (2007) and Akira Kurosawa (2008). He directed few special issues for Cahiers du cinema, as « Made in Hong Kong » (1984) with Olivier Assayas, « Made in China » (1999) and codirected the book L’Asie à Hollywood (2001).