Berni Goldblat

From Writing to Production : Wallay’s success story, by Berni Goldblat

Berni Goldblat has been directing and, producing films since 1999, mainly documentaries in West Africa. In 2000, he co-founds “Cinomade”, an association aimed at creating and disseminating visual awareness-raising tools. With Cinomade, he launches an Interactive Open-discussion Cinema, a pro-active participatory film-viewing approach of benefit to the local population.

In 2006, focusing on production, he establishes “Djabadjah Films”, an independent production company in Burkina Faso. In 2009, he goes on to write and direct “Ceux de la Colline” (“The Hillside Crowd”), a multi awarded feature documentary.

Since 2007 Berni Goldblat has been a member of the Jury of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). Since 2011 Berni has been training documentary script-writers for young African film makers through yearly workshops in Bobo-Dioulasso.

In 2017 he’s feature film WALLAY had its World Premier at the BERLINALE film festival. Since then it has had theatre releases in 15 countries and has been multi awarded in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Since 2014, Berni is leading the struggle to save and refurbish Bobo-Dioulasso’s Ciné Guimbi theatre