Faissol Gnonlonfin

Faissol has a Masters Degree in Information and Communication – Creative Documentary, Option Production, from Stendhal University Grenoble III (France) / Lussas’ Documentary School. After a Technical License in Cinema and TV from the ISMA in Benin, Faissol continued its dynamic production of audiovisual and cinematographic works and is seen as one of the solid values of African cinema. In 2011 he founded the company Merveilles Production to produce mainly documentary but also feature films. He became executive producer at VraiVrai Films (a French company) in 2014, then at Les Films du Djabadjah (a Burkinabe company) in 2015. For the last two years, he has been developing audiovisual and cinematographic works by young African directors-writers. He also works as Executive producer and Location Manager for feature film shootings.