Amina WEIRA (Réalisateur / Director)
Carine Stella NZANG ASSOUMOU (Producteur / Producer)

Free to leave, free to stay (Niger)

Documentary project by Amina WEIRA (Niger), produced by Carine Stella NZANG ASSOUMOU – “Merveilles Production” (Benin)


My grandparents were perpetual nomads. They lived in camps in traditional huts in the middle of the dunes and mountains of Agadez’ region – that was a crossroad for caravans and then served as an intersection for migration routes. But the application of the law 2015-036, prohibiting the smuggling of migrants, has sank the economy of the area. My nomad-tuareg granddaughter’s adventure begins between these sand dunes, narrow alleys, and houses built of mud; I melt into this universe as in a western, to meet this people and understand the socio-economic, political and security consequences of the application of this law on the city of Agadez.


Production note

Documenting the concrete consequences of migration policies on Agadez inhabitants’ lives is a must, especially since the project is carried by a native of the region. The application of the law 2015-036, to regulate immigration, is violently being criticized from both the associations and the population of Agadez. Is this a real solution to the migration issue? Is the law applicable without leading to excesses? The film establishes a three voices narration that sometimes oppose and sometimes meet. This first documentary by Amina is currently being developed and we hope that Ouaga Film Lab will allow us to step into the production process.