C.J. "Fiery" OBASI (Réalisateur / Director)
Oge OBASI (Producteur / Producer)

Mami Wata (Nigeria)

Feature project by C.J. “Fiery” OBASI (Nigeria), produced by Oge OBASI – “Fiery Film Company” (Nigeria)


Mama Efe, an important woman in the village of Iyi is murdered by the terror called Sergent Jasper. Mama Efe’s long departed daughter, Zinwe returns to the village, and upon her arrival to the village, she is welcomed with awe and reverence. This owing to her sleek beauty, and magnetic demeanor, as well as the fact that she is believed to be a child of Mami Wata, the Mermaid goddess who is worshipped and revered by the people. Zinwe seeks nothing but revenge, but finds herself in a tumultuous confrontation with her true spiritual destiny from which she has been running from.


Production note

This project is a black and white female-driven supernatural thriller based on the Mermaid goddess of West African folklore. It is a film that celebrates the power and beauty of black femininity, as well as the richness of our region’s culture and spirituality.