Alassane SY (Réalisateur / Director)
Baila SY - "Proxycom" (Producteur / Producer)

Moulaye (Senegal)

Feature project by Alassane SY (Senegal), produced by Baila SY – “Proxycom” (Senegal)


A young Senegalese wrestler, Alright, is preparing the most important fight of his career. If he wins this fight, he will join the champions league and his financial problems will be solved. Moulaye, his brother, is also a good wrestler but he’s attracted by violence: he spends more time with his little gang than on the ring. About two months before the fight, Alright suffers a tragic accident. Therefore, Moulaye must quickly grow up, train, and make extreme decisions to replace his brother for this fight, as well as preserving the honor of his family and his team.


Production note

Alassane and I have already collaborated on two short films, “Marabout” (2015) and “Fallou” (2017), selected and awarded in several festivals and broadcasted on TV5 Monde Afrique. In 2018, came the desire and the opportunity to make a feature film. This project highlights our realities and cultural wealth, by approaching with lightness and humor wrestling, the Senegalese national sport, locally called “lamb”. It also deals with inheritance issues, difficulties faced by young wrestlers to be successful in this profession, violence… For this feature film, we will partly gather again the previous shootings’ team, which will be enriched by the collaboration of new professionals whose experience we have been able to appreciate.