Simplice GANOU (Réalisateur / Director)
Sawdah Carole KAFANDO (Producteur / Producer)

Religiously Modified Organism (Burkina Faso)

Documentary project by Simplice GANOU (Burkina Faso), produced by Sawdah Carole KAFANDO – “Tilé Fari Docs” (Burkina Faso)


In Burkina Faso, being part of a religious community means being “normal”, socially credible. I grew up in an animist village, then learned and practiced Catholicism in college. After a trip to Mali, I became a practicing Muslim during few months. However, by immersing myself in the history of Humanity, Africa, so-called revealed religions, I got away from religious practices. Then I read and listened to Leopold’s address to the first Belgian missionaries, reinforcing my critical thinking. Nowadays, I drink beers, eat pork and only respect my own commands. But when I have a problem, I become a syncretist, a kind of animo-catholico-protestant-muslim; a “Religiously Modified Organism”.


Production note

To avoid taboos or judgments on this sensitive subject, Simplice has chosen a very particular approach to realize this documentary, putting himself in the skin of the director and the main protagonist, defining himself above all as a religiously modified organism; self-mockery is one of the strengths of this project. I am already convinced that it will make people laugh while raising awareness of the general public: as well in Burkina Faso, where the population was animist but where Islam and Christianity coexist; as on the international scene, where religious extremism grows while others people don’t dare to evoke the name of God, because of fear or rejection. During this same moment, Burkina is victim of religious fanatics.