Mohamed Lamin TOURAY (Réalisateur / Director)
Bubacarr JALLOW (Producteur / Producer)

The rise and fall of Jammeh (Gambia)

Documentary project by Mohamed Lamin TOURAY (Gambia), produced by Bubacarr JALLOW – “Flame production” (Gambia)


The documentary depicts the biography of the former president of The Republic of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, who came to power through a bloodless coup at a time when Gambians needed change for progress and development.

Jammeh ruled The Gambia for 22 years, of which many indelible memories linger in the hearts and minds of Gambians. The documentary thus projects the rise of Jammeh through the ranks in the Army to a President, his achievements, his controversy with the West, the atrocities he committed and what engendered his down fall.


Production note

This project gives a chronicle of Jammeh’s life account from a humble background and how he became president. The documentary project will examine different aspects of Jammeh’s life, and what triggered his downfall.

Both the Director Mohamed Lamin Touray and the Assistant Director Tijan Smith have been my close associates in the Gambian film industry. Currently, negotiations are in progress with Karoninka Productions, a francophone international media firm widely known for its productions on world issues. We may not have additional funding towards the project, however, there are available archival materials that we can access. If the required funding is available, this documentary on will be a masterpiece not only in Africa but on the global stage.