Jean-Baptiste OUEDRAOGO (Réalisateur / Director)
Pierre Claver ZONGO (Producteur / Producer)

Wakat (Burkina Faso)

Feature project by Jean-Baptiste OUEDRAOGO (Burkina Faso), produced by Pierre Claver ZONGO – “Yira Entertainment” (Burkina Faso)


Ma Tene is an Old Woman, repository of the memory of the Tansobsé people, masters of fire and forge. But while she must celebrate the fire initiation ritual for the new season, she loses her memory. However, this purifying ritual does not tolerate any error. During Viim’s initiation sessions, Ma Tene transmits her memories to the little girl, presenting them as a tale, immersing her into a story where heroes travels between the past, present and future, to save their people, and where these three stories merge in one. With Viim, we listen to this story that get entangled in Ma Téné’s failing memory.


Production note

Pazouknam has a unique genre, a style, an ambition, a fight. Attached to the African cultures from which he gets inspired, he poetically deals with complicated subjects. Wakat, his first feature film, powerful and original, requires support to confirm this promising young filmmaker on the international scene. We, producers, also need coaching in order to establish an effective production strategy. Our ambition with this project is to capitalize on nearly a decade of work in creation and production. Our fight for this film is to federate and promote young African talents, by creating an initiatory tale for future generations.